Alexander McQueen fff

    • Style: Avant-garde, theatrical, darkly romantic.
    • Contributions: Innovative designs, dramatic runway shows.
    • Legacy: A profound impact on the fashion world, remembered for creativity and craftsmanship.


    • Style: Modern, minimalist, streetwear influence.
    • Contributions: Pioneering designs, influential in 20th-century fashion.
    • Legacy: Continues to evolve under various creative directors, known for cutting-edge designs.


    • Style: Timeless British elegance, iconic plaid.
    • Contributions: Classic trench coats, commitment to sustainability.
    • Legacy: Maintains a balance between tradition and modernity, recognized globally.


    • Style: Timeless and elegant, iconic monochrome.
    • Contributions: Little black dress, Chanel No. 5 perfume.
    • Legacy: A symbol of sophistication and modernity, it remains one of the most prestigious luxury brands.

    • Style: Feminine and elegant, iconic silhouettes.
    • Contributions: Major influence on haute couture, iconic designs.
    • Legacy: A powerhouse in the fashion industry, synonymous with luxury and femininity.

Dolce & Gabbana
    • Style: Bold, glamorous, Sicilian-inspired.
    • Contributions: Opulent designs, sensuality.
    • Legacy: Known for extravagant designs and a strong presence in the luxury fashion scene.

    • Style: Sophisticated, innovative, fur and leather.
    • Contributions: Renowned for fur, evolving designs under different creative directors.
    • Legacy: A stalwart in the fashion industry, recognized for quality and innovation.

    • Style: Eclectic, maximalist, bold patterns.
    • Contributions: Iconic double-G logo, Alessandro Michele's transformative revival.
    • Legacy: Experienced a resurgence, embracing maximalism and pushing fashion boundaries.

    • Style: Elegant, romantic, Audrey Hepburn association.
    • Contributions: Blend of modern edge and haute couture.
    • Legacy: Known for classic elegance, it continues to evolve under various creative directors.

Louis Vuitton
    • Style: Luxury trunks, monogram pattern.
    • Contributions: A global icon, Nicolas Ghesquière's contemporary and futuristic edge.
    • Legacy: One of the most valuable luxury brands, recognized for over a century.

    • Style: Innovative, minimalist, high-quality materials.
    • Contributions: Consistent challenge to fashion norms and modern aesthetics.
    • Legacy: Remains influential, known for pushing creative boundaries.

Ralph Lauren
    • Style: Preppy, classic, American lifestyle.
    • Contributions: Timeless and versatile pieces.
    • Legacy: An iconic American brand synonymous with classic elegance.

Tom Ford
    • Style: Luxurious, glamorous, modern sophistication.
    • Contributions: Known for sensual designs, and diverse product range.
    • Legacy: Renowned designer and director, the brand embodies modern luxury.

    • Style: Romantic, ethereal, red-carpet gowns.
    • Contributions: Exquisite craftsmanship, contemporary femininity.
    • Legacy: Celebrated for craftsmanship and romantic designs.

    • Style: Bold, vibrant, synonymous with glamour.
    • Contributions: Daring and provocative aesthetic, Donatella Versace's leadership.
    • Legacy: Symbol of excess and luxury, remains influential globally.